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What Can a Parent Do?


If you have said yes to any of the above questions, then a course called What Can a Parent Do? may be just what you are looking for. This course is for ordinary parents, plus grandparents and other carers, who face the ups and downs of everyday family life. The sessions help you to improve your parenting skills in a friendly and relaxed environment.

The Family Caring website describes this course …

Practical skills to help parents of children (aged 5–12) be happier and more effective. Parents have described this practical, simply-written book as a ‘lifesaver’. Useful in reducing tension, squabbling, tantrums and fighting, establishing clearer, more respectful parenting guidelines, and making children happier and more responsible. The programme offers eight or nine weekly sessions to help parents of children five to twelve years old to improve their communication skills and create a framework of discipline and respect in their families.

In 2016 we ran this course in Weaverham and after only two weeks a mother told us that the course had, transformed her family. A parent in an earlier group said that the course has, helped me focus more on the children and not on day-to-day chores.

Course details

Starts on 28 February

The course starts on Tuesday 28 February with the short session for Let’s Stick Together and then introductory activities for What Can a Parent Do?. If both parents can come for this first session, I think that the 5–12’s course will be even more valuable for the whole family, as the parents will have a good start together. So, if possible, please find a babysitter for 28 February. This session is a ‘taster’ session for the course, so you can come along without committing yourself to the next eight or nine sessions. Of course, if only one of you can come on this first session, that is okay and if two of you can come to all the sessions, that is great!

We should be able to fit in another four sessions on Tuesdays before the end of March and then have a break of three weeks over the Easter holidays before starting on part two, with the remaining four or five sessions.

The first session will be at 7.30 for a 7.45pm start, finishing by 9.30pm.


The parents’ handbook costs £8 but the sessions are free although, if you wish, you could make a donation to Mary’s Meals or to another charity of your choice.


If possible, please contact me to register an interest in this course (but with no obligation to commit yourself after the ‘taster’). Email me at or phone me on 01928 733930.


Time well spent

Learn some new skills and gain ideas from the DVD, the books, the other parents and the course leader. Be encouraged in what you are already doing, and perhaps, be one of the families who find that your family life is transformed!

Ruth Basden


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