Main Street Community Church, Frodsham

2015: A year of change and fresh opportunity

Regular Church Activities

Please come and make yourself known to one of the church’s leaders if you would like to be more involved in the church.

Details of additional meetings and services are published in a weekly bulletin. Please ask if you want to know more.

Day by day

Sunday morning services

Tuesday morning prayer meetings

Thursday: coffee morning and “New Horizons”

Friday: “Friday Break” and “Friendship Group”

Our publications

On Sundays

We usually meet on …

We also have special services on Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Sunday Mornings

In the morning services all our songs are sung from the screen at the front of the church. If you prefer, please pick up a song book from the steward on your way in. This has most of the songs we use. We often stand to sing but if you want to sit down at any time, please do!

Our services are informal and we use today’s language.

On the second Sunday of each month we have Second Sunday @ MSCC with something for everyone!

At times we like to be joyful and thankful for our experience of God. At other times we like to be quiet and reflective.

Each service is different, our style is relaxed and we encourage people to be themselves.

The Offering or Collection

We do not expect visitors to contribute to the offering so please just pass the bag on, unless you want to give to the work here in which case … great! When the offering is brought to the front we usually give thanks to God.


There are people from the church who are available to pray with you for a few minutes at the end of each service. If you have a particular need and would value prayer, please speak to one of the leadership team


At the end of the Sunday morning service we have tea and coffee together in the church hall. You are welcome to stay and chat with us. There is no charge.

Within the Community

We have a wide range of in-house and community activities for all ages and interests. We also support Christian work in this country and abroad.

Other meetings in the building


From 9.30am to 10am there is a meeting in the lounge (entrance at the side of the building, in Chapelfields) to pray for the local community. This is just one of the opportunities for prayer that we have at the building.


Coffee Morning

A Coffee morning, run by Wellspring Christian Trust, on most Thursdays, the market day in Frodsham, from 9.30am to 2pm to purchase coffee, tea, toast and similar light snacks. During the coffee morning Wellspring has a stall to supply a small range of Christian cards and Traidcraft fair-traded items; Wellspring provide a “Listening Ear” service; Cheshire Neighbours Credit Union accounts are supported from Main Street Community Church to offer ethical savings and low cost small loans. A local Citizens Advice bureau adviser is present (before this, Main Street Community Church offered a Signposts service).

New Horizons

On Thursday from 1.30pm to 3pm, Wellspring Christian Trust runs the “New Horizons” group at Main Street Community Church for any who have experienced the loss of a loved one. The group enjoys tea, homemade cake and a chat.


Friday Break

Most weeks we host “Friday Break” for a couple of hours in the morning. If you are a Mum, a Dad, a Grandparent or a carer with pre-school children and are at home during the day, you might like to drop in and join us. Enjoy a tea or coffee plus snack-time, songs and stories. Meet other parents and carers. Your children can play with others. Get information about our parenting courses. Relax, chat, meet new friends. If you need a listening ear there will be church members who are parents and grandparents who can give you some time to listen. Friday Break is open to those of all faiths and none. You don’ have to talk about faith but if you want to — you can! Visit our Friday Break community on Facebook or ask one of the Church’s leaders if you would like to know more.

Friendship Group

Once a fortnight a Friendship group meets at the church for tea, cake and conversation. Do ask one of the Church’s leaders if this interest you.

Some of the members in 2012
A photo taken at Friendship group

There are also some photographs from the Friendship Group 2011 Christmas Party.

Our publications

Information about services and additional meetings is published on a notice board inside the building and in a weekly bulletin.

We also have a Facebook page

Some artwork from around the building

Come Lord Jesus, the title on one of the worship area banners

As another example of artwork we have a page giving the story of the prodigal son in paintings by local artist Kate Herbert. You can see the original paintings in the building’s hall.