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Thoughts and Reflections on the Last Supper

This talk, based on Mark chapter 14 verses 12 to 26, was given by Martin Tust on .

Before the talk, the Bible passage chapter is read by John and Ruth Giles,

The total length is .

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The licence details for the talk and the Bible passage are at the end of the page.


[00'00"] Mark 14:12 26

[02'51"] Thoughts and Reflections on the Last Supper: Introduction

[08'45"] The Lord’s Supper requires careful preparation.

[14'47"] The Lord’s Supper requires self-examination.

[18'04"] The Lord’s Supper offers a powerful symbol to each and every believer.

[21'58"] The Lord’s Supper provides joyful anticipation.

[26'40"] Three words: Recognise; Reflect; Rely

[28'15"] Closing prayer


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